Denver International Airport (DEN)
History, Facts and Overview

(Denver, Colorado - CO, USA)

A relatively recent addition to America's aviation scene, Denver's airport was built as a replacement for the city's existing Stapleton International Airport, which dates back to 1929.

Denver International Airport (DEN) was a major engineering project and construction began at the very end of the 1980s. However, the airport was plagued with unforeseen delays and finally opened in the spring of 1994, costing around $5 billion and very much over budget.

Passenger facilities at Denver International Airport include information kiosks with 'Guest Services' staff, courtesy phones for paging, inexpensive luggage cart rental, a full-service outlet of the US Post Office, and approachable Hospitality Ambassadors, who are easy to recognise with white cowboy-style hats. Also available is a branch of the Credit Union bank, an Islamic prayer hall and inter-faith chapel, an exercise area for pets, several smoking lounges and a Rocky Mountain USO Center for military passengers and their families.

Denver Airport has recently opened a number of new shops and eateries, allowing passengers and their visitors to easily occupy their waiting time. Highlights include the Connections News-stand, the MOSAIC Fine Arts and Craft Gallery, Starbucks Coffee and the Rock Bottom Restaurant.

Denver Airport DEN

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